• As per Kannur University norms, 75% attendance is mandatory for appearing in end-semester examinations. Students should submit a leave letter with parent’s signature in case of absence.
  • Continuous absence of 15 days without written permission will lead to removal of the student’s name from the enrolment list.
  • We begin the day with the attendance taken at 10.00 a.m. Late comers will not be allowed to enter class. With prior permission, if allowed in class, attendance will not be given for that hour.
  • Normally after class students shall leave campus before 04.30 p.m.
  • No Students can leave the campus during academic hours (10.00 a.m-04.00 p.m) without Exit Pass or written permission of Principal. Student shall submit the exit pass to the class tutor, class tutor shall get it signed by Principal.

Fee Payment

  • Students/parent/guardian shall remit the fee from time to time as notified by the college authority. It is student’s responsibility to make the payment of the fees and obtain the receipt from the college authority and keep the receipt for future references.
  • It is student’s responsibility to know due date of payment for the semester fee remittance.

Dress Code

  • Students should wear uniform except on Wednesdays. Boys should tuck shirt in, wear black shoes. On Wednesday, formal dress code has to be maintained. Low-waist pants, t-shirts, leg-ins and fancy wears are not permitted.
  • Students should wear their identity card around their neck in the campus throughout the academic schedule. No student without identity card shall enter the campus.
  • Loss of identity card must be intimated to the college office immediately. Replacement of lost identity card will be done at a cost decided by the Principal.

General Rules

  • Use of mobile phone in the campus is strictly prohibited. Students must keep their mobile phones in the almirah kept at staff room.
  • Students must not wander in the corridor during class hours.
  • Complete silence must be maintained during class hours.
  • Every student shall behave and conduct oneself in the college in a dignified and courteous manner.
  • No student shall solicit fund from students in the campus without the authorized permission from the Principal. Any such collection shall be through class tutor only.
  • No students shall enter into others’ class room without prior written permission from the Principal during or after class.
  • Access to college buildings after normal academic hours is permitted only with written permission from Principal.
  • Students can enter Staff Rooms only with permission. Only two students at a time are allowed.
  • Students should maintain a sense of belonging to the college, taking care of classrooms, furniture, ICT equipment and electrical fittings.
  • The medium of communication in the campus is English.
  • Maintain the etiquette required of campus life avoiding vulgar and profane language.