B.A English with Journalism

Duration : 3 years (6 semesters)

Eligibility : Pass in Plus Two (any stream)

B.A English with Journalism

Semester Course Title
1st Semester
  • English Common Course–I
  • English Common Course-II
  • Additional Common Course-I
  • Complementary Elective Course
  • Malayalam Literature in English Translation
2nd Semester
  • English Common Course III
  • English Common Course IV
  • Additional Common Course-II
  • Complementary Elective Course-II
  • Academic Writing, Methodology and Research Project
3rd Semester
  • English Common Course IV
  • Additional Common Course-III
  • Complementary Elective Course-III
  • Core Course III- Old English to Medieval English Literature (500- 1500)
  • Core Course-IV Renaissance and Restoration Literatures (1485-1780)
4th Semester
  • English Common Course VI
  • Additional Common Course-IV
  • Complementary Elective Course-IV
  • Core Course-V- The Romantic Period (1780- 1832
  • Core Course VI- The Victorian Period (1832- 1901)
5th Semester
  • Core Course VII- The Early Twentieth Century ((1901-1939) Core Course VIII- The Late Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries (1939-2018)
  • Core Course IX- Post colonial Literatures in English
  • Core Course X- Linguistics
  • Core Course XI- Project
  • Generic Elective Course
6th Semester
  • Core Course XII - Critical Theory
  • Core Course XIII Women’s Writing
  • Core Course XIV- Indian Writing in English
  • Core Course XV- Film Studies
  • Core Course XVI Discipline Specific Elective


Semester Course Title
1st Semester
  • Introduction To Mass Communication
2nd Semester
  • Print Media Practices
3rd Semester
  • Introduction To Broadcast Journalism
4th Semester
  • Film Studies