2nd Rank

Nazneena N.A

BBA-TTM (2023)

3rd Rank

Fathimath Shabna

BBA-TTM (2023)

3rd Rank

Maryamath Masroora

BBA TTM(2020)

5th Rank

Ayshath Marshith Shahbana

BBA TTM(2020)

1st Rank

Ayshath Shabeeba

BBA TTM(2017)

BBA-TTM : Continuing the Saga of Academic Excellence

The very first batch of BBA- TTM passed out in flying colors in the year 2017 with a Golden Feather on their hat, that is with a First Rank in university exam. Ayshath Shabeeba brought cheers to the face of every MDCGian by winning First Rank. It’s a dreamy beginning for a new course in a college. However it challenges the succeeding batches to retain this laurel.

The saga of academic excellence continued in the department in the following years: in 2019, the department has obtained First position in Kannur University overall result percentage. The year 2020 is again a year of university ranks for the TTM department. Joy is doubled with two ranks: 3rd and 5th ranks achieved by Maryamath Masroora and Ayshath Marshith Shahbana of the same department.

Maryamath Masroora hails from Hidayath Nagar, Uppala. After higher secondary education in Malhar Women’s College, the studious and dynamic Masroora joined MDCGS. As the daughter of a businessman, she had the confidence to face challenges and she was able to acclimatize herself with the college very soon. She was one of the most regular students in the college who never wants to miss any class. She was a daily visitor to college library and hence teachers and students predicted a rank for her. She proved them all perfectly right with a perfect graduation, a graduation with a rank, lovable college memories of events and fests, and many friends to miss.

Ayshath Marshith Shahbana won 5th rank in TTM. She is a native of Choori, Kasaragod. She did her schooling in Jaimatha School and Thanbeerul Islam School Kasaragod. She was popular in the college for her drawing and painting skills. No one could easily forget her culinary skills that came out during the Cook without Fire fest day! She actively participated in many management fests in and outside the college and won prizes. She enjoyed music and always carried a smiling face. She brought smiles to everyone’s face with a 5th rank in the university exam.